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My journey with ayahuasca began in August 2009.  I was sitting at a desk in my tree house on Koh Phangan, Thailand when I saw aAyahuasca Wasi temple facebook post of a friend that said, “hey if you are going to be in Peru, check out Diego at Ayahuasca-wasi, he’s the real deal!”  I clicked on the link and that was it.  There was a resonance with his site that I could not ignore.  Two weeks later my flights were booked.

I arrived in Peru the first week of December, excited & ready to dive into another extreme life adventure.  The week was akin to ten years of spiritual practice and psychotherapy in one week.  My 3 visionary experiences with the  powerful medicine completely deconstructed me.  Everything that I had been “made to believe” about who I was and why I was here was gone.  I had  everything but the I AM stripped away.  And I must admit, after the week, I was not quite sure what to do and how to be without the labels that for so long defined who I was. I felt raw.  My heart was as tender as a new born and in fact, I was a newborn.  Completely open, vulnerable and humbled. I had re-awakened from the dream once again. I felt my vibration rise, my heart open and my mind expand in ways that nothing had ever come close to.

Over the next few months, the integration of my experience with ayahuasca reconstructed me, only this time at a much higher level of awareness, helping me to see and live life even more in alignment with my deepest truth, with an open heart.  It was at that point that i knew, the plant medicine common referred to as Mother Ayahuasca in the jungle, would be a regular teacher and spiritual practice on my path. I have since moved to Peru to continue working with medicine plants, primarily ayahuasca, in the sacred valley of Pisac.  My visions of combining fasting and other purification practices with ayahuasca has become a reality with the Conscious Cleanse retreats.

Mother Ayahuasca helps me see ME in a way that no guru, seer, healer and mystic ever could. She gives me the opportunity to remove all the barriers that I have built around my heart that keep me from living open and full.  Remembering my wholeness, living life with an open heart and a strong, peaceful and focused mind.  Mother Ayahuasca shifts my vibration, opens me up and enables me to be a clear channel for the divine love and intelligence of the Universal Mind. Thank you Mother Ayahuasca.  I feel holy, I feel humbled, I feel moved.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers
within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

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  1. Emelia 2011/01/13 at 10:52 pm

    I really enjoy reading about the amazing experiences that people with have Mother Ayahuasca. Your experience, though short, sums it up perfectly.

    I had a similarly very powerful experience with a female Healer – and you are 100% right, the medicine is a Teacher. It also helped to have the ceremony with a Shaman who was actually invested in helping me through the ceremony and Healing me at the same time.

    Best of luck on your life journey!!

    • Patrick O'Connor 2011/01/14 at 9:37 pm

      Thanks Emelia. Hope to have you visit our beautiful Ayuhuasca community here in Pisaq sometime.
      Be well,

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