With today’s expanding consciousness, our ability to manifest thought to reality is increasing exponentially by the minute.  With this method of visualization, we hold the ablity to change subconscious and instinctual behaviors, alter or let go of conditions and beliefs and shape a dreamed destiny.

The power of Belief and Visualization

Christians say that mere belief or faith in something happening can make it occur. And Buddhists believe that reality and our perception of reality are exactly the same thing. Is reality more like a dream, where if you believe you can fly you actually do? A growing body of scientific studies from around the word confirms that these spiritual ideas may have a firm theoretical ground in physics.

For example, the “placebo” effect means that the power of belief, the mind, can actually dissolve a cancer tumor if the patient merely believes she swallowed a pill with a drug in it. Even if there is nothing in the pill.

Belief and visualization are your two keys to creating within the Reality Matrix. It’s your choice. You can create your reality just like you subconsciously create your dreams every night. But if you are oblivious to this ability, then your life is like a flag being blown in the wind.

How consciousness affects the quantum field

And according to the most well tested theory in physics, Quantum Mechanics, your consciousness changes reality. In this theory, the phenomenon knows as collapse of the Quantum Wave Function is what brings reality into existence. This is a fancy way of saying that one’s conscious observation of small unseen waves actually causes those waves to “collapse” into matter. In other words, conscious observation materializes particles into existence.

Every time we have a thought we make a chemical. A happy thought would make chemicals that would make us feel happy and an angry thought would generate chemicals that would make us feel angry. So any thought produces chemicals in the brain that makes us feel exactly the way we are thinking.

When we start to feel the way we think, the feeling attracts the mind to think the way we are feeling and it produces more chemicals to feel the way we are thinking. That cycle of related thinking and feeling is called the “state of being.”

For example, you start to remember and think about something someone said that turns you anger, and the thought about it would start to bring the anger back, which at the same time would attract more thoughts that match the arising feeling of anger, and would generate more angry feelings.

The state of being is what impact in the quantum field bringing the manifestation from the field of possibilities.

The only way that the present mind could affect the objective reality is that the mind and body (thought and feeling) are ahead of the experience. And when the mind and body are ahead of the experience it means that the experience (manifestation) will find us.


Dream it possible (preparation for visualization)

The process of visualization starts with thought. We think of a greater ideal of ourselves or of a particular situation. We start to reinvent, speculate and dream a new self or situation. Be open to imagine your wildest and courageous dreams. The process of thinking that possibility would prepare the brain and body ahead into the quantum field of future manifesting possibilities.

Know it possible and real for you
The visualization must be something you know it could be possible and real for you. Even if it is not manifested yet and beyond your wild imagination, you know somehow it to be possible in your life. You must hold no doubts about it.

Avoid any disempowering self-talk
Be aware that you should consciously avoid any limiting self-dialogue, like “I can’t,” or “I’ll never be able to…”  and remember: “The only thing between you and your goals is your own limiting thoughts.”

Get clear on what you want
We can’t wish because wishing isn’t intention. Intention means firm decision. There has to be a conviction with clarity, it is getting clear in what we want.

Visualize a vivid picture with all your senses included
First and foremost, know what you want and then visualize the final result that you have decided. See all the details of the resulting manifestation. Create a picture in which all the senses work. The more senses take part in the picture, the more realistic and vivid is the picture — the easier it is to accomplish the visualization.

For example, if the result of your visualization is your own house, imagine yourself living in this house with your family. See all of you speaking (the sense of hearing) near the house and how you invite friends to visit it, and the gratitude it produces, etc. Feel the smell of the house and flowers of the garden. You can also taste a freshly prepared drink in the kitchen (the sense of taste). Outside the house you feel the nice warmth of the afternoon Sun. Such a picture becomes a film in your imagination.

Take care of the important details for you
Create only those details in the picture, which are important for you. The rest of the details will be created accordingly, so you do not need to care. For example, if the location and the shape of the house are important to you, then clearly create these details in the picture. But if the number of the windows and the colors of the walls are not so important to you, do not create them at all in the picture.

Subconscious mind do not understand time

The instinct (subconscious) is not very good at dealing with the illusion of the intellect called “time”, it does not know what the time is. It understands and reacts as a small child. If you tell the child “today”, “tomorrow”, “after one week”, he/she will not distinguish the significant difference, because his/her intellect has not learned to create the time. This is one of the main reasons why the picture created in the imagination has to visualize the desired state as already materialized, or the goal already attained in the present moment.

The only way that the present mind could affect the objective reality is that the mind and body (thought and feeling) are ahead of the experience. And when the mind and body are ahead of the experience it means that the experience (manifestation) will find us.

Remember that time only exists in the dimension of mind. So if the mind and body are ahead of the experience it means that you are sending signals to the quantum field and if the mind and body are prepared then it already has happened and the quantum field response at that state of being. Remember the quantum field response to how we’re being.

The visualization has to exist in the present time. If you put it in the future, like I will have, or I will become… then it is not calling the manifestation. The visualization gives you what you have created. When you create a future visualization, it will remain in the future and will never become a present time manifestation.

If we pray FOR something, that something could never happen, because the moment you pray FOR something to occur, you have already knowledge that is not existing in that moment. Just feel the feeling of having that something already manifested with all your senses. Only then you open the door for the possibility to bring that something into manifestation.

Feel from the result rather than how to get to the result

The key resides in our ability to feel as if our dreams have already come to life, and live from that feeling.

Since we are literally re-writing the code that makes the universe appear as it does. We play the prime role in what could be called a “participatory universe.”

“Act as if you are the person you want to be.”
– Bernie Siegel (Surgeon) –

When you act in a certain way, you change your chemistry. There is a subtle, and yet powerful difference between working toward a result, and feeling from that result.

When martial artists choose to break a concrete block as a demonstration of focus, the very last thing in their minds is the place where their hand will touch that block. The key is to place our focus upon the completed act: the brick already broken.

Think from the completion, rather than how hard it would be to get to the completion.

Infuse the visualization with the rejoice emotion of fulfillment
This is the key ingredient of the visualization technique.

Assume the feeling of our wish fulfilled.

We must feel the feeling as if our prayer has been already answered. So we empower the quantum field to mirror us back. Remember: It is how you feel that creates manifestation.

We create an intentional state of being proper for manifestation by first intentionally thinking of a greater ideal of ourselves or situation first, but now we need to infuse the body (emotion) with the happiness of the completed manifestation. The emotion of the realization that matches the intentional thinking.

We have the privilege as humans that we can go from thinking to feeling without having to doing. We can bring up in our minds an elevated state of consciousness and influence the body with inspirational feelings. And when mind and body are working together we are at the doorway for personal change.

If a person is wanting to feel joy (wishing) but is feeling unhappy while is thinking that, then is not going to manifest the joy because mind (thought) and body (feeling) are not in tune, they are working in opposition. That’s why many of our prayers are never answer.

For the visualization to be effective and the result noticeable, the right picture (film) has to be created and saturated with energy. Without sufficient amount of energy the visualization will not give the result. What I mean by “energy” is the thing that a person feels under the influence of an emotion.

In the visualization the picture can be compared to a seed put in the soil. The energy arising with the emotions is compared to the Sun and water. The seed without water and Sun would never grow into the plant. How to do it practically? First concentrate on yourself, relax. Allow Love to manifest itself through you (the mind and body). When you are feeling the rising energy accompanying Love, bring the picture (with all the attributes as described above) into your imagination (mind). In this moment the more Love manifests itself through you, the more efficient (earlier, easier) the visualization gives the result.

Rejoicing in the outcome
When we get clear in what we want and surrender what we want to our greater mind and bring up the rejoicing in the outcome (with certainty). Now we can live our lives in a state of joy because we know then that we are going to manifest a destiny.

Surrender to the magical way the outcome will manifest
Once we know that the outcome is possible we can surrender to it. In other words, if we know that our greater mind is going to assist us in the outcome, all we have to do is to get clear in what we want.

Surrender to the possible outcome also mean surrender to not knowing how the outcome is going to come into manifestation. We surrender and accept not knowing so that we don’t close ourselves to the huge amount of different possibilities, creative solutions, intuition and magical synchronicity that will emerge in the openness of the quantum field of manifestation.

Every situation is so particular that coming with a established point of view is a way to limiting yourself and closing your heart to the synchronicity, creativity and amazing possibilities that arrises in every moment.

Creativity only appears when we are not following any preconceived point of view or action.

The more you experience and trust the more power it gains
Visualization is one of the simplest and most efficient methods used for reprogramming the instinct and bring a magical transformation into manifestation. The more you use this visualization technique and the more amazing results you experienced, the more trust you will feel in using it and will infuse more power to your next visualization.

Intuitive action (Translucent action)
We can be comfortable enough with not knowing what to do until we really know and response to the situation as it is. We relax and listen to our intuition with a quite mind. We feel the answer within the peace of our breath, arising within the silence of the present moment and we act in inspired certainty. We intuitively know what to do. Thought and understanding come after the event, not as the cause. Intuition is completely reliable, but only when it comes from a quite mind.

The more you become familiar with surrendering to not knowing how your intention is going to be manifested, the more you will enjoy the magical manifestation and become comfortable with uncertainty. Then you will see infinite possibilities opening up into your life. It means that fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do and no longer prevents you from taking action to initiate change.

The language of feeling
When we offer our prayers from within our bodies we usually think that we need to send it to the place or person who is going to receive the prayer. We do not have to send anything, anywhere. When we feel a feeling in our bodies, it already exists everywhere because we are part of that whole. We are little pieces of the greater hologram of the quantum field of consciousness.

The feelings in our hearts are the language that speaks to the quantum field and is the language that is recognized. So keep feeling your good intentions and dreams… and life will become your living prayer, a reflexion of what you have chosen to manifest.


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