musicmusicI remember during my first ayahuasca retreat years ago with Diego Palma in Peru wondering what exactly a medicine song was. Where did they come from? Who wrote them? What makes a song a medicine song? I had asked a couple of people, including Diego and did not receive an answer that was clear for me. After hundreds of ceremonies and a love for medicine music ever since, here is my perspective on what medicine songs are and how they affect us.

Unlike the traditional medicine ceremonies offered by the shamans in the jungle, I have worked with the medicine in a more integrative, “neo-shamanistic” approach which blends modalities from many traditions with the same intention… healing, awakening and transformation. During our ceremonies, 4 elements are utilized to guide the journey… silence, icaros (healing songs and invocations from the jungle), mantras from various traditions and medicine songs.

In the medicine space, one opens, becomes more sensitive. Our sense of smell, sight and sound sharpen, our sense of touch deepens and our sixth sense, our intuitive knowing, awakens. The medicine peels away the layers which dull our senses in regular, everyday life and with these layers removed, what lies beneath them is open to receive and to be revealed.

“As the medicine began to take us, the music started. I felt as if every song, every lyric was being offered for me specifically. At times they were so far in the background that I barely noticed them and at other times, so clear, it was as if they were my own words. For weeks, I could not get them out of my head. I walked through my days singing, “when you let go of fear, the truth will appear, so simple and clear.” That night forever changed my relationship with music.” 

Medicine music are songs filled with the consciousness of love, of light. They are songs that elevate us beyond the illusion of separation to our inherent and often forgotten, knowingness in the oneness of all of creation. When sung during ceremony, they heal us by filling our minds and hearts with the vibration and light of love; the love of that which is all that is. They help us to remember; to awaken to the truth and essence of who we are, beyond what we have been told. They help to shine a light within us that brings forth the unconsciousness into conscious awareness.

I recently had a participant tell me after the ceremony, “when I first came to your home (3 hours prior to ceremony), I did not resonate with the music at all. But then in ceremony, I could not get enough of it.”  Mother Ayahuasca lifts us from our day to day consciousness so we may not only see our lives from a higher perspective but also, so we may hear messages that we may normally not be able to. With so many layers protecting the heart, many are not even able to hear medicine music until they let go and allow themselves to open. But once this opening happens, the medicine music illuminates and awakens parts of us that may have been dormant since we were a toddler, and this creates beautiful ripples outward, enriching every aspect of our lives.

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