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Since 2007, The Fasting Path has been facilitating retreats throughout the world, to enable healing, awakening and transformation to take place. What started as cleansing retreats, working primarily with fasting and yoga as a platform for awakening higher consciousness has evolved into an integration of the responsible use of sacred plant medicines combined with shamanic practices, non-dual teachings and various group processes.

Led by Brother, The Fasting Path upholds the vision of openness, acceptance, love and transparency at it’s core, whether it be a retreat, ceremony, workshop or circle. With a team of individuals dedicated to this purpose, The Fasting Path attracts conscious explorers from around the world interested in healing, awakening, transformation on a personal and collective level.

The Fasting Path welcomes you into their safe space of love and openness for you to do the inner work necessary to bring a new awakened consiousness into your life and the world.

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