3 Day Immersion – See upcoming schedule here.

Ayahuasca is a master plant teacher and healer, often referred to as Mother Ayahuasca. There is a relationship that unfolds with her and this relationship deepens the more the two of you meet. Although one ceremony can be extremely beneficial, bringing tremendous healing and insight, it is often difficult to fully let go and open to the medicine especially if it is your first time.

The 3 day/2 ceremony immersion is an opportunity to give yourself the necessary time to open and let go of any internal fear or resistance so the medicine can fully share her gifts with you.

Note: Please read through all information thoroughly before registering. 

The 3 day Immersions are held in a quiet town in the south of Holland and take place in a cabin deep in the forest. (pictures above). We only invite a maximum of 7 participants to create an intimate and personal experience. Understanding the importance of creating a safe, comfortable and loving space, we put every effort to make sure this is provided.

The immersion process is 3 days and nights (typically starting on Friday afternoons and ending Sunday evening, departing Monday morning).  There will be 2 consecutive evenings in ceremony with the final day/evening for grounding and integrating your experience.

All ceremonies are led by Brother, with over 15 years holding retreats and 9 years of working with plant medicines while living in the Sacred Valley of Peru and more recently, the Netherlands. He is well versed in working with the situations and energies that arise within ceremony and facilitating a clear space that supports the healing and awakening process. While Brother leads the ceremonies, his medicine partners, Gita and Guido also support in order to provide a safe environment for you to have your transformative journey.

The ceremonies are guided by mantras & medicine songs from different traditions, icaros from the jungle, meditations and silence; all with the intention of personal healing, awakening & transformation. The medicine comes from a family of brew makers in the Peruvian jungle. Brother’s medicine tribe has been getting it from this family for over 15 years. It is prayer filled with only the vine and chakruna. Nothing else mixed in. Along with Ayahuasca, rapé and sananga, 2 other other sacred medicines from the Amazon will also be offered throughout the Immersion.

If you are travelng from abroad, we ask that you arrive no later than 1pm the day the immersion begins in Eindhoven; either the airport or train station and schedule your departure after 10am from Eindhoven or 12pm from Amsterdam on Monday. We will arrange for pickups from the train station and notify you of the details the week of the immersion.

For flights, you will want to book a ticket into Amsterdam or Eindhoven airports. If coming into Amsterdam, you will take the train to the Eindhoven train station (1.5 hours). You can buy your train ticket at the airport once you arrive. They run about every 30 minutes. Details about the train and it’s schedule can be found here.  If you need to arrive a day early, you can go here to search for a Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam or Eindhoven.

If you are driving, let us know and we will send you the exact address the week the immersion begins.  The location is about 30 minutes from Eindhoven.


The cost of the immersion is 550 euros.  This exchange is for all ceremonies and healing work throughout the weekend, 3 nights accommodation at the cabin, food and transport to and from Eindhoven airport or train station if necessary. We do not charge for the medicine and there are no other required costs.

Note: One your registration is accepted, a deposit will be requested to reserve your place.

This is just to give you an idea of the structure of the weekend. We do not run the immersion by a schedule or times, but instead guide the experience by what arises throughout. Please know that a meditative silence will be encouraged for the majority of the weekend.

Day 1

Around 2pm
– Arrive at the cabin, settle in, meet other participants
– Rest for ceremony

– Sharing: Plant medicines, ways to work with them and tools for navigating your journey.
– Ceremony guidelines & instructions
– Ceremony
– Food and rest for the evening

Day 2

– Flower bath
– Breakfast
– Individual or group session w/Brother

– Light lunch
– Contemplation, rest, walk in nature, etc.
– Sharing by Brother

– Ceremony
– Food and rest for the evening

Day 3

– Flower Bath
– Breakfast
– Meditation

– Self inquiry practice
– Talking stick ceremony
– Dinner

– Fire Ceremony
– Integration discussion
– Rest
– Leave for train station or airport the following morning.

One of the most important aspects of working with Ayahuasca is adhering to a time-honored tradition of following a special diet in order to prepare not just the body, but also the mind and spirit. This diet not only creates the ideal internal environment for the medicine to be effective, but also shows the Spirit of Ayahuasca the strength and sincerity of your intention.


  • Connect deeply with your Intention/Motivation.
  • Practice the Awareness Meditation daily. (sent to you prior to immersion)
  • Pre & Post Preparations – Physical Body
    • The following recommendations are suggestions of The Fasting Path family, based on our own personal experiences and guidelines from the native Peruvian Ayahuasca tradition.  We suggest you prepare yourself mentally for a 6 week journey, 4 weeks prior and two weeks after the Immersion.
  • 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after:
    • No red meat or pork
    • No antidepressants, SSRI’s and mood stabilizers (please see the “Drugs to be Avoided” page and be sure to have informed us of any medications you may be taking)
  • 1 week before and 1 week after: 
    • No dairy products (fresh, organic eggs are fine)
    • No meat (fresh water, white fish is fine)
    • No processed foods (bags, boxes or cans)
    • No added sugars (small amounts of honey is ok)
    • Minimal salt & spices
    • No hot, spicy foods
    • No fermented foods
    • No fried foods
    • No alcohol, caffeine or other street drugs (If you smoke marijuana or drink alcohol, please read our view of their effects on the “Drugs to be Avoided” page)
    • No carbonated drinks (herbal teas and water is ideal)
    • All other medications stopped
    • Avoid non-tantric sex (including masturbation) to retain your vital energies.
  • Preparations – Mind & Spirit
    • What makes working with plant medicines different than any other path of personal and spiritual development is that there is no external teacher.  The Ayahuasca experience holds the potential to help us to look at, question and transcend limiting beliefs adopted during our lives. However, the potential of Ayahuasca is limited by the mindset one brings to the ceremony.  Having a humble heart and a clear mind, with a strong intention/motivation for working with the medicine directs the experience and lends to the depth and transformational power of your work together.

Note: Please take these preparations seriously. We want to do our best to help you get the most from your experience and to ensure the safety of yourself and that of the other participants as well. Let us know if you have any questions.


What to Bring:

Please be sure to let us know if you can not bring anything on the list.

  • Warm and comfortable clothing – Keep in mind that you will be sitting for 5 hours or more and your body temperature may shift from hot to cold throughout.
  • Walking shoes. May be rainy and muddy.
  • Water bottle (plastic or steel)
  • Small flashlight (red light if you can)
  • Notebook/journal and pen
  • Toiletries (as natural as possible)
  • Earplugs (optional)
  • Towel & wash cloth
  • Bathing suit
  • Pillow case
  • Bottom sheet or sleeping bag (especially during cold season)
  • Intentions without expectations.

Please do not wear any make up, perfumes or colognes. 

Once you know that you would like to attend the immersion, fill this questionnaire out to register. Please share openly and thoroughly with each of the questions so we may get to know you and your intentions for registering.

This form is designed to assist you in getting the most out of your work with the medicine. The information provided will be kept private.  If all of the questions are not answered, the form will not go through.

Once your questionnaire is received, we will review it and reply to you within a few days. If an invitation is received, a deposit will then be requested in order to reserve your space.  At this point, you are officially registered and detailed information will follow.

If you do not hear from us within 3 days, please contact us to confirm receipt of your registration.

Thank you.


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