The Role of a Spiritual Practice

The ayahuasca ceremony is often the first time one experiences themselves as more than the body and mind.  That transcendent awakening, when one knows, beyond belief, that they are a part of something much larger, connected to each [...]

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What are Medicine Songs?

I remember during my first ayahuasca retreat years ago with Diego Palma in Peru wondering what exactly a medicine song was. Where did they come from? Who wrote them? What makes a song [...]

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Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul Documentary

Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca is a documentary that explores the mystery of ayahuasca shamanism, offering insights into the nature of spirituality, mystical experience and self-healing through a heightened state of consciousness.

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Ayahuasca Medicine for the SOUL

Talk to anyone who has experienced Ayahuasca and ask them what it is and how it works and you will realize very quickly that although what it is made of is pretty easy to explain, attempting to describe anything beyond that borders on impossible. Meghan Shannon, an American living in Peru does a great job of articulating this powerful medicine.

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