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Ayahuasca Vine of the Soul Documentary

Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca is a documentary that explores the mystery of ayahuasca shamanism, offering insights into the nature of spirituality, mystical experience and self-healing through a heightened state of consciousness.

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What is LOVE all about?

I have to admit, when I was younger, I had no idea what love was. I wasn't quite sure if it was a feeling to be felt, a decision to be made, an emotion to be earned or some mystical fairy tale magic we could only hope to find. Then, all at once truth shed the light of love on my confused mind.

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Sungazing… Drink it in

Sungazing is an effective method that harmonizes and recharges the body with pranic energy and invokes the unlimited powers of the body and mind. Additionally, it enables one to stay in tune with the rapidly changing energies of the universe. Doing so can liberate us from common symptoms of being out of alignment such as mental and physical illness and emotional instability. Experience it for yourself at our next retreat.

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Periodic Juice Fasting

Many believe periodic juice fasting is the key to preventing and reversing disease, permanent and effortless weight loss and dramatically slowing the aging process.  All of the patients here at St. Theodore's Hospital [...]

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What to Expect while Fasting

Knowing what to expect can greatly increase your chances of making it through any situation in life. This is certainly true with fasting. Fear is a lack of knowledge and/or experience. As your [...]

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