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Rapé (pronounced ha-peh or ra-peh) is the general name given to medicines that are grinded into fine powder and then blown into both nostrils. The use of Rapé is considered by the indigenous peoples to be therapeutic on multiple levels. They help to re-align and open your nadis (energy channels), strengthen your grounding and connection with Mother Earth, releases toxins in the physical body, quiet the noise of the mind and elevate your sense of connection with Spirit.

Traditionally, rapé is blown through each nostril using a v-shaped pipe made from bamboo or bone. Once an intention is set, the one receiving the medicine inhales, holds and then receives the rapé through the left nostril, representing a metaphorical death. The rapé is then administered in the same way to the right side, representing rebirth.

The rapé The Fasting Path works with during ceremonies and retreats is from the Yawanawa and Kaxinawa tribes and is made of tobacco and the ashes of a tree known as tsunú, which is one of the most used trees for treating ailments in many Amazonian tribes. It’s offered and recommended during Ayahuasca ceremonies at various times. It can be very beneficial and supportive before drinking ayahuasca to open you for the medicine or later in the ceremony if you are experiencing a very “heavy in the body or mind” type of journey.  Often the rapé will trigger a purge which will open your body and enable the medicine to continue opening you to the higher realms.

As with all plant medicines, it is to be used with care and intention.