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Plant Medicine Information

One of the most comprehensive collection of articles, blogs and videos about plant medicines Ayahuasca Plantfrom around the world.

“Drink the Vine” – This doumentary follows a group of seekers through a traditional ayahuasca retreat, documenting their experiences, insights and healing.

“Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca” is a documentary that explores the mystery of ayahuasca shamanism, offering insights into the nature of spirituality, mystical experience and self-healing through a heightened state of consciousness.

Vine of the Soul: Encounters with Ayahuasca


Medicine Music ayaretreatvid

The largest selection of medicine music, icaros and mantras recorded live in ceremony with Diego Palma and the Sacred Valley Tribe.

For songs recorded in and out of ceremony with The Fasting Path.


Medicine Circles in PeruAyahuasca Wasi temple

A medicine community of ayahuascueros from around the world in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  This was where Brother had his first experience with the medicine and was his home for over 4 years.

To experience a 10 day (or longer) shamanic “dieta” in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle, check out the team at Katari Center.