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Immersion, 2016

“When I decided to attend the Immersion, I was at a point in my life where I was searching for answers, directions and meaning to my life. ‘I’d not worked for 6 months and to be honest up to the point, my heart was still not in the space to return to work. My journey through the six days was intense, my experience is difficult to put into words, I can only describe my experience as very physical, like I was being encouraged to feel again.

I have more confidence than I have had in years, I like myself again, and shortly I will be returning back to work and most importantly I am happy, I can honestly say feel like I have been let into a little secret, and am now able to look at life, see fear, feel emotion, but not be governed by it, I feel like I’ve been set free.  I would defiantly recommend this retreat to anyone, and if you are considering attending, I would simply say follow your heart. The moment I met Brother, Anke and Harrie I knew I had nothing to worry about. Love resonates from these guys, they are family.”

Justin – Immersion, 2016


“Dearest Brother, I am so amazed by what happened this weekend, the opening up, the healing, the transformation. I came basically to work on my depression and addiction but received so much more; family, perspective, my soul back, and a spirit heart.  In the preparation meditations, I could never feel this spirit heart you where talking about but now it’s there -and beating strong.

Brother…. thank you, thank you, thank you – You are a fantastic facilitator for Mother Ayahuasca and a great and inspiring teacher – respect! Gita and Guido are both beautiful and awesome souls that i am so greatful for having met – their way of approaching life will guide me. And Inge, I did not have the privilege to see much of her, but she was there through you, Brother and your work and not to mention through the food. And the little one, Munai Ji – what a perfect little being!”

Alf – Immersion, 2017

Immersion, 2017

Immersion, 2016

“The Vine of the Soul retreat was well above my expectations! Brother is a humble teacher who not only talks the talks but also walks the walk. He’s a great master.  Anke & Guido are also angels who were also sharing there devotion to us. Anke, your singing guided me all the way. Divine! Guido, You’re authentic loving heart supported me with your fire & caring. Thank you Brother for the rituals, the songs who were so openhearted, and all the other extras.

The week was one loving Ceremony. Very intense! Thank You Mother Ayahuasca. I’ve healed old pain. I’ve got insights about my sons. About how i can help them better. I saw health issues in my body that need care. I feel so grateful. I want to live. To go back to my world at home and to apply the insights that I had gained. I fully love my life again and i’m so aware of it.  I saw what really matters: love… and all the loving people that are in my world. I know again what my heart desires. Thank You!! & see you again!” ,

Maria – Immersion, 2016



My intentions for the ceremony were to get rid of my high defences  which had been important for me as a child in my family of origin, but were obstructing me in my current life. I also hoped to gain access to my heart which seemed to have been locked in very early childhood. Miraculously Mother Aya, supported by Brother, Gita and Guido has done exactly this for me, giving me access to joy and love maybe for the first time in my life.  

Having returned home to my wife and children I feel that my relationships have changed radically with me feeling lighter, more open and able to express love. I am more grateful, than I have ever been in my life, about what has been given to me. At the same time a strange sadness has overcome me, now having seen, that all that is and has been important to me and that I have newly learned to love may just be an illusion. Beware: Once the veil has been pulled, there is no turning back to the path of ignorance!”

Zeno – Immersion, 2017



Immersion, 2017

avatar"It has almost been six weeks now, since I came back from the Vine of the soul retreat in October. I spent the three most horrifying, dark and frightful nights of my life with Mother Ayahuasca, and came back home bruised, confused and feeling lost. Despite this feeling of despair I did cling on strictly following the recommended dietary guidelines,  the meditations and listening to all the Icaros and medicine songs that Brother shared with us. I felt that doing my little rituals every morning at the Ayahuasca altar I had created , helped me to settle down, as did the sharings Brother and all the others offered me.

It is only now that I  do realise , that my experience during the retreat was truly life changing. I have never felt such a peaceful happiness as I do feel inside me now. I am full of confidence that all that happens is just right and has been agreed on long ago...It’s like a puzzle coming together, to create such an endearing great picture of what my life has been and still is...As if a great RESET BUTTON had been pushed , washing off all the pain accumulated during 63years of an interesting, beautiful but sometimes very challenging and awfully sad life. There is no pain in me anymore, only peace and confidence that all is just perfect the way it is.

Meeting Mother Ayahuasca was one of the most intimate, honest and challenging moments of my life. Reading a lot about other people’s experiences with her had somehow created false expectations in me, waiting for the WOW effect, instant! life changing experience...well I did have my WOW effect, but not the way I thought.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Brother for guiding me with such compassion and great understanding through  the mess I was in, his brilliant spiritual guidance all along, and his unconditional love. Thank you Guido and Gita for keeping me safe and sharing your songs and love. To my fellow travellers I just want to say “ Love you all”!!!!  Keep safe. Hope to meet you again in the cosy little cabin in the woods...."

Claire S.
"I came to the Immersion in Sept, 2016, having spent a long time researching the use of plant medicines in the way it has been used for countless centuries, in it's natural ways. I came with some expectations and believing I knew already what results I could expect or hope for. However, I could never have dreamed of the depth of healing, care, understanding and enlightenment that actually transpired.  The weekend is hosted by Brother, a man who himself is magic. His knowledge and understanding set me at ease immediately and I knew I could trust him to guide me on this journey in warmth and safety. Aided by Guido and Gita, his wings, these three have created for me an experience that was truly life-changing.

I can never express the level of gratitude I feel for all three. I have a renewed hope for the future and I firmly believe the world is going to be a better place as more people are woken up to what nature provides us. The weekend immersion retreat has to be one of life's most wonderful experiences. Brother, Gita and Guido, I wish you stremgth to continue your amazing work. You are bringing good to a world that needs it greatly. My heart is bursting with love for the three of you."

Rob C.
avatar"When I took part at the Vine of the Soul retreat, July 2016, I had been afraid of not getting the results I wished for, but all my longings have been realised. I feel that my mind is no longer the single leader in my life. It is brilliant and had helped me to survive but now I am connected to my inner voice, my soul, which knows much better how to make me happy. I feel I can trust my intuition. I know that am allowed to be sensitive. I don't have to overcome to things I don't like. I'm allowed to make my life as cosy as possible. I am allowed to progress in life. There isn't any punishment waiting for me behind the next corner.  I feel connected to the earth. I feel love to life and everything which is living and have become aware that life is not so difficult as I always used to think. I feel that life is a present.

Brother, Anke and Guido are clearly chosen to hold ayahuasca ceremonies. One can feel their deep love to all people. Brother is a real shaman."

With love,

Ulrike F.
avatarFrom the moment the Vine Retreat started (July 22, 2016), we received the most sincere compassion and love that I have ever experienced. The generosity, the kindness was just so absurd, so absurd. Nothing was left to chance, Brother, Anke and Guido provided all of us with the most beautiful moments... at least of my life.

The expression of Love was a constant flow during every moment during the entire time. The divine voice of Anke singing from her soul to our souls direct with no pretence but pure light just penetrating every inch of my physical body and soul, i just can't describe so much beauty and love with words, is just not possible. The attention and care for our physical and spiritual safety was just unbelievable. The certainty of Brother's spiritual direction was just breath taking (literally). The simplicity of it all was just so very beautiful.

I want to say thank you from the deepest part of my heart for giving me the realisation that “I” is no longer satisfying from now on it must be “WE.” Thank you for giving us the most beautiful, loving and very profound NOW moments of our lives. We are forever grateful for showing us the road back home that we forgot.

Brothers Paulo & Gio

Paulo F.
avatar"When I came to the Imersion, I was at a point in my life where I was depressed , lonely and bitter. I thought this could help me see what to do to next my life, instead I had my core beliefs changed in a way I could never have imagined before meeting Mother Ayahuasca. I was filled with love and happiness in a way I had never felt before and shown so many things and given answers to question I have had since I was a child. I learned lessons in a way so I would never forget them. I have only been once ( so far ) but I look forward to looking deeper inside myself when I get the chance again. Brother, Jules and Harrie really care. I feel like I have new family in them."

Scott P.