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avatar"It has almost been six weeks now, since I came back from the Vine of the soul retreat in October. I spent the three most horrifying, dark and frightful nights of my life with Mother Ayahuasca, and came back home bruised, confused and feeling lost. Despite this feeling of despair I did cling on strictly following the recommended dietary guidelines,  the meditations and listening to all the Icaros and medicine songs that Brother shared with us. I felt that doing my little rituals every morning at the Ayahuasca altar I had created , helped me to settle down, as did the sharings Brother and all the others offered me.

It is only now that I  do realise , that my experience during the retreat was truly life changing. I have never felt such a peaceful happiness as I do feel inside me now. I am full of confidence that all that happens is just right and has been agreed on long ago...It’s like a puzzle coming together, to create such an endearing great picture of what my life has been and still is...As if a great RESET BUTTON had been pushed , washing off all the pain accumulated during 63years of an interesting, beautiful but sometimes very challenging and awfully sad life. There is no pain in me anymore, only peace and confidence that all is just perfect the way it is.

Meeting Mother Ayahuasca was one of the most intimate, honest and challenging moments of my life. Reading a lot about other people’s experiences with her had somehow created false expectations in me, waiting for the WOW effect, instant! life changing experience...well I did have my WOW effect, but not the way I thought.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Brother for guiding me with such compassion and great understanding through  the mess I was in, his brilliant spiritual guidance all along, and his unconditional love. Thank you Guido and Gita for keeping me safe and sharing your songs and love. To my fellow travellers I just want to say “ Love you all”!!!!  Keep safe. Hope to meet you again in the cosy little cabin in the woods...."

Claire S.
"Ayahuasca is truly not a recreational drug. It has given me without doubt the roughest hours of my life, but in the end the resulting personal change and insights gained have been more than worth it.

My intentions for the ceremony were to get rid of my high defences  which had been important for me as a child in my family of origin, but were obstructing me in my current life. I also hoped to gain access to my heart which seemed to have been locked in very early childhood. Miraculously Mother Aya, supported by Brother, Gita and Guido has done exactly this for me, giving me access to joy and love maybe for the first time in my life. 

Having returned home to my wife and children I feel that my relationships have changed radically with me feeling lighter, more open and able to express love. I have burst into tears of happiness a hundred times in the last days. It is also amazing to see, that Ayahuasca not only gave me new insights during the ceremony: I still continue receiving new revelations every day and I am very curious about where all this will lead me in the end.

I am more grateful, than I have ever been in my life, about what has been given to me. At the same time a strange sadness has overcome me, now having seen, that all that is and has been important to me and that I have newly learned to love may just be an illusion. Beware: Once the veil has been pulled, there is no turning back to the path of ignorance!"

Zeno B.
"Explaining the actual experience of this immersion weekend is literally impossible. Before going this September, I was bitter, depressed and numb. I only knew I had to go, but did not understood why. I just felt the calling, while I didn’t even believe in callings. I never believed that there would be a medicine that could cure you. Really cure you of depression, bitterness, and dry rationality. Well I was wrong: Brother, Guido, Gita, Inge and Munai ji, and all my companions showed me that it is possible to see again. To feel love, in it's actual existence. 

 Since the weekend, I feel connected and at home in this world (I always wondered what that meant). I have seen my life as it really is and how my attitude toward it changes everything. I remember being surprised at how much Brother and his team take this ceremony seriously. Doing every single ritual with utmost respect and dedication. I now know why: when you are setting the stage for people’s most transformative experience, you can’t be anything but serious and dedicated. Yet, to my surprise, Brother, Guido and Gita walked with us too, in the humblest manner. Brother was a companion, not a master, seeking his own absolution through the lessons of the mother. Such manner is seemingly paradoxical only to a mind that doesn’t fully understand love. I was that mind. Thanks to the Mother, Brother, Gita and Guido I am no more.

 I am grateful to all of you. Thank you Brother for being there for us, for explaining to us the meaning of Guru in more than one way. Thanks Guido for being so gentle, friendly and supporting. Thanks Gita for the angelic music and beautiful smile. You are truly the sound of universe. Thanks Mother Ayahuasca for carrying me over your shoulders through the mountain of my life. Up there, I saw that I am not my mind. And that, without a doubt, is the most profound lesson I have gotten in my life."

Sam A.
"Dearest Brother, I am so amazed by what happened this weekend, the opening up, the healing, the transformation... I came basically to work on my depression and addiction but received so much more; family, perspective, my soul back, and a spirit heart.  In the preperation meditations, I could never feel this spirit heart you where talking about but now it's there -and beating strong. I will now concentrate to perserve it and make it stronger. I think the other members in the group had explored a spirit path before, some of them for years and i was the only one that hadn`t done that, so i feel i jumped over an ocean with no previous training or understanding and I am so greatful to her for doing that for me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - You are a fantastic facilitator for Mother Ayahuasca and a great and inspiring teacher - respect! Anke and Guido are both beautiful and awesome souls that i am so greatful for having met - their way of approaching life will guide me. And Inge, I did not have the privilege to see much of her, but she was there through you, Brother and your work and not to mention through the Food. And the little one, Munai Ji - what a perfect little being!"

All My Love,

Alf C.
"I came to the Immersion in Sept, 2016, having spent a long time researching the use of plant medicines in the way it has been used for countless centuries, in it's natural ways. I came with some expectations and believing I knew already what results I could expect or hope for. However, I could never have dreamed of the depth of healing, care, understanding and enlightenment that actually transpired.  The weekend is hosted by Brother, a man who himself is magic. His knowledge and understanding set me at ease immediately and I knew I could trust him to guide me on this journey in warmth and safety. Aided by Guido and Gita, his wings, these three have created for me an experience that was truly life-changing.

I can never express the level of gratitude I feel for all three. I have a renewed hope for the future and I firmly believe the world is going to be a better place as more people are woken up to what nature provides us. The weekend immersion retreat has to be one of life's most wonderful experiences. Brother, Gita and Guido, I wish you stremgth to continue your amazing work. You are bringing good to a world that needs it greatly. My heart is bursting with love for the three of you."

Rob C.