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avatar"The seven days challenged me more than I expected but due to the support of Brother and the group, it manifested as a very healing and uplifting process. The retreat definitely exceeded my expectations and I will be back for another. I absolutely recommend doing the Conscious Cleanse.  Thank you Brother!"

Wolfgang E. - Austria
avatar"I was blown away by the love and support by everyone, which seemed to make the experience so rich and deep. The space that was held was like a magical bubble, even through the difficult times of the cleanse. Brother has total presence, care, love, support, knowledge, wisdom. He is perfect for this role, very inspiring, helping shift the energy toward a higher vibration, which i feel is very necessary at this time. I chose to attend the retreat because i wanted to overcome my food addiction and move into a more conscious way of eating which for me is reflected in my life. i feel like i needed a new infusion of knowledge and inspiration and this is exactly what i received. i was feeling very low, dense and stuck before i came and now i feel so much lighter and clearer on all levels. i feel more committed than ever before to follow this path of not just conscious eating, but conscious living. Bless you Brother, i am forever grateful!"

Marcelle C. - Australia
avatar"I was pretty lost on what to do with my life. I recently separated from my wife after 3 years of marriage and I just started to search for my path and what I should be doing with the gift of life itself. Then a friend of mine mentioned this retreat for some reason. 3 weeks later I was emailing Patrick and when he replied I just knew right then and there, I have to go. During the retreat the food part the fasting seemed so easy with all of us there that I just felt full of energy, happier and more present than ever. Nurturing the soul and mind was definitely what I needed. All the wisdom and love Brother shared with us I have no words to describe my gratefulness. When I came back things already started to change for the good. People will smile, talk, say hi on the street to me hahahaa, just beautiful, like my inside was showing outside.  I went there not knowing what to expect and I came back after find my soul, my being, my true self... full of energy, grounded, love, a peace with me and taking action on life to make things happen with no fear or boundaries...... I am already planning my next trip back.thank you Brother! Namaste & Buen camino!"

Ignacio A. - Uruguay
avatar"Doing this retreat was life changing for me. The whole week was profound and rich in discoveries about myself. I did it to reset my relationship with food and it far exceeded my expectations. It was even easier than I thought it would be. Hunger disappeared after only a couple of days. The rest was just like walking on a new unknown path, with surprises and lessons everyday. The ceremonies helped a lot to see my progression with new eyes, without judging, just accepting.  Thank you Brother!"

Benjamin L. - France
avatar"The program in its entirety was an amazing, interesting and wonderful experience... a real eye & mind opener!  I was highly skeptical in the beginning, but the retreat really opened my mind and heart. Before the retreat I was jaded and unhealthy. My approach to thinking about food and life in general has been altered greatly in the most positive way. The power of such an experience will stay with me forever. I feel happy, light, and immense gratitude.  Thank you Brother!"

Rich B. - Australia