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avatar"When I decided to take the 6 day immersion, I was at a point in my life where I was searching for answers, directions and meaning to my life. ‘I’d not worked for 6 months and to be honest up to the point, my heart was still not in the space to return to work. My journey through the six days was intense, my experience of taking the medicine is difficult to put into words, I can only describe my experience as very physical, like I was being encouraged to feel again. All I can say is that the moment I returned from the retreat is when the real work started, and have experienced many profound changes. I have more confidence than I have had in years, I like myself again, and shortly I will be returning back to work and most importantly I am happy, I can honestly say feel like I have been let into a little secret, and am now able to look at life, see fear, feel emotion, but not be governed by it, I actually feel like I’ve been set free.  I would defiantly recommend this retreat to anyone, and If you are considering attending t, and have a strong calling, I would simply say follow your heart. I would definitely work with Mother Ayahuasca again at some point in the future and would more than happily return to the Fasting Path again. The moment I met Brother, Anke and Harrie I knew I had nothing to worry about. Love resonates from these guys, they are family."

avatar"The Vine of the Soul retreat was amazing and a blessing. It was a calling and all for a reason. I am only so grateful to myself to have attended the call. I am so so grateful to Brother to have put up with my silly questions and guided me in the right way all throughout. It was a great lesson of love and union. I feel totally changed. My family thinks I have changed completely. Everyone who looks at me falls in love. I am more closer to myself than ever for sure! I will definitely come back and bring as many souls as I can!" 

avatar"The 6-day vine of the soul retreat was one of the most challenging, yet most trans-formative and powerful experiences of my life. I've never felt both so entirely blissful and loved, as well as in complete despair and full of grief, all within one week. Taking the medicine was a very intense and otherworldly experience and I cannot even begin to describe the depths of it all. I certainly got answers to a lot of questions I had about life in general and myself and as the process of integration of all my new insights and truths is only just beginning, I already know that this experience has changed me completely, Even though it was very tough for me at times, I would do it all again in a heartbeat and will come back to work with the medicine when I feel the call again. And if I do, I would go back to this beautiful space in Holland, where Brother, Harrie and Anke made us feel so welcome, loved and completely safe for the entire duration of the retreat. Between the cosy log cabin, the soothing hot tub, the healthy food, the essential oils, the angelic music, the yoga and meditation practices and the many insightful sharings from Brother, it was the perfect space created for such a life changing journey. But just as important as feeling very much looked after during the time in Holland, the ongoing love and support since then is helping hugely with the integration process and is making me feel quite grounded and connected amidst all the changes that are already happening in my life. So if you're considering to take a very deep look inside and really get to know yourself, don't hesitate and follow the call. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to you wonderful people from the fasting path. I couldn't recommend you highly enough." 

avatar"Thank you Brother for all the love and support that you gave at the Immersion weekend. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life and had a deep trauma bond to my difficult childhood experiences. Through the Immersion Ceremony, I realized my intention - to heal and release this bond. I received more than I had intended and the love and light that was always here for me can now be received with immeasurable gratitude to you Brother, Harry & Anke. My life is forever changed." 

Brenda B.
avatar"Dear Brother, I came with very few expectations and I am so grateful beyond words to have received this beautiful gift with you and my fellow brothers and sisters. The insights that have been revealed to me sit so comfortably in my feels like coming home. Thank you so much for holding the space to allow this all to unfold and for keeping us safe and guiding us so beautifully. Thank you for your pure intentions and love. It was all perfect. So much for me to work with and a huge reassuring reminding to go back to the path and revisit, fall in love with what I nearly forgot. The last few days with everyone I was able to work with huge terror and intense love. Coming out the otherside has left me humble and willing to follow my truth. Mother guided me and wrapped her infinite love around me and let me's all Perfect!"