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avatar"During the retreat, I realized that I didn't love myself that much. I am being more patient with myself, more tolerant, more loving towards myself. I express more what I feel and show more love and affection. I move more towards my heart despite my emotions and thoughts. This is a great challenge. I see people as more beautiful. I see myself more in others. I feel like we are all one connected to the same loving source. If you are considering attending the retreat, I would say, Go for it, but only if you really want to face yourself."

Sander W.
avatar"Most beautiful experience in my life so far. Enough said? More outlook on life is much more positive. I now know that I can create everything myself. Everything is a reflection of myself. If you are considering whether or not to attend the retreat, Just do it! You will not regret it."

avatarPatrick, you are a true inspiration. The retreat was a life cleanse on every level. It opened me so much, especially the level of the heart.  If you are even remotely considering attending the Conscious Cleanse, do it!

Craig White - UK
avatarThank you Patrick for the vast amount of knowledge and tools you shared with us. During the retreat I was in perfect hands to be open and to look inside of myself. You opened the door, you guided me, so I only had to make the steps in this safe environment.This one week changed me by the way I look at the world and the way I respond to the world. When I returned from the retreat anybody I met noticed the changes in me. I did not have to say a word to my partner; he noticed it right at the first sight. They may do not knew what was different, but I know that after the retreat I am more connected to myself, to oneness and to my source. I really thank you Patrick for sharing with us all the useful technics. I feel that these tools combined with self-awareness really creates miracles.


Eli - Hungary
avatarI really feel blessed that I was at the only place in the whole world who could give the answers I was looking for my whole life!!! I finally found the secret too life and the way to live it, and I am just warming up. This retreat open all doors of spirituality and new ways of living and thinking! It really felt like a was rewriting my own bible!!! All stress, insecurities and all disturbance in myself and my body are completly gone and made place for personality a never thought to achieve soo thank you for everything but it will not end here, I am just starting.

See you in Peru!

Harrie Sprengers
The Netherlands