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avatarThe retreat transformed me from a 8-track tape player to a Hi-Definition Digital Player, in a week.  If you are considering going, I would say, "Go, if you want to change. The fasting, the mental, and the physical cleansing that occurs is life changing." The retreat opened my heart. The love and positive energy that was the driving energy behind the retreat expanded my being to point that within me I feel the others and the world.  I gained a sense of Oneness. Patrick, your program The Fasting Path did not abandon me.  The fasting, meditation, yoga and purification is a prescription for healing humanity. Patrick you should be on the Oprah Show. You have the Gift. I thank you for sharing!

Anthony S. - USA
Anthony Smith Law Tx
avatarI began my journey with some hesitation; given the connection I always had with solid food. I knew there was something to eating healthier, I just did not think I had it in me to look within myself and persevere.  I can say that the whole retreat was surreal. Since then, my demeanor has changed quite a bit. I took back to my home a much stronger and more calm version of myself. I feel more humble and more in touch with a higher vibration.  I tell all my interested friends to take the plunge; pack and get on a flight for the journey of a lifetime.  And thank you Patrick for the insight to pursue a higher calling - I hope you will bless us with your presence when we open the yoga center here in Temple Texas. Sat Nam Patrick!

Frank C. - USA
avatarThank you Patrick for sharing your teachings with the world. You are a true healer and a true inspiration. Now as I am living my daily life back home, I feel the benefits and changes it (the retreat) has done to my body and spirit. You opened my eyes to truly experience my connection with food, myself and all of life. I find myself sharing with so many people all the lessons I learned throughout the retreat. I feel so blessed to have been part of such a beautiful experience. Thank you Patrick. I will definitely be back!

Violeta M. - USA
avatar"This was my first fast and it was amazing!  I tried fasting in the past and was unable to finish.  I feel the group environment and containing the energy was a beautiful and a productive way to organize a fasting retreat.  The teachings and the integration allowed me to commit not only to myself but I had an obligation to group!  Lots of accountability and dedication!  Brother, I can’t thank you enough.  I feel so clear and peaceful!  I will definitely recommend The Conscious Cleanse to everyone and will be back to do it again"

Anthony E. - USA
avatar"Patrick, thank you so much for this beautiful experience.  It was truly, gently, and perfectly purifying. I have such deep gratitude for the thoughtfulness and love that went into all aspects of this fast.  Sharing the experience with a group was really beautiful for me. I loved having the fresh juices and broth lovingly prepared everyday and the support circle to check in with. I was also really able to take the opportunity to access my core beliefs around my health and body and was able to completely free myself from a number of limitations. The retreat far exceeded my expectations. I was delighted by the whole package!"

Luca B. _ USA