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avatar"Went to Pisac to participate in The Conscious Cleanse and the thoughts in my head were mostly of fear and negativity thinking what is the point of fasting and how much I loved food, on and on they went… The week of the fast was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. The location was absolutely beautiful and the format of the retreat was gentle, transformative and incredibly informative.  I felt like a new person with a new body, all aches and pains gone, I slept well, woke up refreshed and was very energized, well...after day 4! When I got back to NY I kept the raw diet until now 8 weeks later I am still eating 90% raw. I am happy, light, full of energy and I am ready to share anything with anyone around me a sense of general well being accompanies me all the time. My skin looks better, my eyes are clear, I feel like I constantly have a smile on my face. I prepare my own food at home, I am very mindful of what I put in my body now and a lot of the info from the presentations at the fasting retreat is coming back to me and I am sharing it with people around me and it is impacting everyone who is willing to open up and take it in.  Thank you Brother for helping me help myself. Your retreat has changed my life"

Yossi Z. - USA
avatar"I came to The Conscious Cleanse never having done a fast before and I was absolutely terrified. These fears were both nullified and exacerbated during a week which transformed my life. New highs were experienced, old wounds opened up, and for once, I came face to face with myself.  The Conscious Cleanse takes you to the very places we keep trapped by life's diversions - one of the biggest amongst them - food. Once you strip away the bare necessities we have come to believe are 'needed' to survive, you come to experience an entirely different plane of existence.  During this week old belief systems were dismantled, patterns eradicated, negative self talk shifted, new ways of thinking established.  The Fasting Path provides a holistic answer to healing - on a spiritual, physical and mental level. My advice is to attend and stick through the rough patches, because that is when true transformation occurs. It is through this that one realises human beings are capable of far more than our species dares to dream. With love and gratitude..."

Janine E. - South Africa
Travel Struck!
avatar"The Conscious Cleanse retreat was a life-changing experience for me. At 66 and in poor health, I was facing a stark choice of either living a few more years in misery, or making radical changes in my relationship with food, my body, and my entire outlook on life. The changes The Fasting Path has triggered in me are amazing: abundant breath, new flexibility and lightness in my body, deep and refreshing sleep, and a joy of life that I have not felt in many years. The total credibility of both Brother and Ale as people who walk the talk of healthy and joyous living, and whose mastery shows not only in their knowledge and experience of what to do and not do, but in their patient, compassionate relating to a diverse group of people in the midst of their physical and emotional crises. The material of the program was most impressive. But the spiritual warriorship of the teachers, and their skill at what the best teachers do -- leading the others toward discoveries, rather than serving them on a plate -- was more so. My most heartfelt thanks to Brother, Alexandra and The Fasting Path. I'll be back, and I'll bring others"

Dan H. - USA
Hermes 3
avatar"The Ayuhuasca ceremonies were deeply profound and combined with the guidance and knowledge of Patrick allowed a beautiful group process. To have a space held by Patrick and his team that allows love and vulnerability to pervade was incredible during such a transformative week.  A complete rewiring of beliefs I had about myself and food. It definitely exceeded my expectations!"

Clark H. - Netherlands
avatar"I never thought I would ever do a 7 day cleanse.  My relationship with food and my body were healthy, so I didn't see the point.  It wasn't until I had major surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that changed my mind.  Once I learned that up to 80% of our body's energy is used to digest food, and if digestion is taken away our bodies can naturally heal themselves - I was ready.  I wanted to give my body every opportunity to heal from surgery.  Prior to the cleanse, I had a lot of pain from everyday movements.  I walked slowly and very cautiously. During the cleanse, I felt sick for the first 3 days, as my body was detoxing the drugs given to me for surgery.  It wasn't easy, but I knew that the temporary uncomfortableness would reap huge rewards.  After 7 days of no solid food, I could walk and move with the ease I had pre-surgery.  My body was back!  I believe that I healed in 7 days what it would have taken a minimum of two months to heal.  Since then, I have continued to cleanse when I feel guided to do so.  I have made cleansing a part of my spiritual practice, as it helps me to connect deeper to all parts of me.  I feel re-newed and purified after each cleanse.  I recommend it for anyone feeling the call - it absolutely changed my life."

Denise C. - USA