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Immersion, 2016

“When I decided to attend the Immersion, I was at a point in my life where I was searching for answers, directions and meaning to my life. ‘I’d not worked for 6 months and to be honest up to the point, my heart was still not in the space to return to work. My journey through the six days was intense, my experience is difficult to put into words, I can only describe my experience as very physical, like I was being encouraged to feel again.

I have more confidence than I have had in years, I like myself again, and shortly I will be returning back to work and most importantly I am happy, I can honestly say feel like I have been let into a little secret, and am now able to look at life, see fear, feel emotion, but not be governed by it, I feel like I’ve been set free.  I would defiantly recommend this retreat to anyone, and if you are considering attending, I would simply say follow your heart. The moment I met Brother, Anke and Harrie I knew I had nothing to worry about. Love resonates from these guys, they are family.”

Justin – Immersion, 2016


“Dearest Brother, I am so amazed by what happened this weekend, the opening up, the healing, the transformation. I came basically to work on my depression and addiction but received so much more; family, perspective, my soul back, and a spirit heart.  In the preparation meditations, I could never feel this spirit heart you where talking about but now it’s there -and beating strong.

Brother…. thank you, thank you, thank you – You are a fantastic facilitator for Mother Ayahuasca and a great and inspiring teacher – respect! Gita and Guido are both beautiful and awesome souls that i am so greatful for having met – their way of approaching life will guide me. And Inge, I did not have the privilege to see much of her, but she was there through you, Brother and your work and not to mention through the food. And the little one, Munai Ji – what a perfect little being!”

Alf – Immersion, 2017

Immersion, 2017

Immersion, 2016

“The Vine of the Soul retreat was well above my expectations! Brother is a humble teacher who not only talks the talks but also walks the walk. He’s a great master.  Anke & Guido are also angels who were also sharing there devotion to us. Anke, your singing guided me all the way. Divine! Guido, You’re authentic loving heart supported me with your fire & caring. Thank you Brother for the rituals, the songs who were so openhearted, and all the other extras.

The week was one loving Ceremony. Very intense! Thank You Mother Ayahuasca. I’ve healed old pain. I’ve got insights about my sons. About how i can help them better. I saw health issues in my body that need care. I feel so grateful. I want to live. To go back to my world at home and to apply the insights that I had gained. I fully love my life again and i’m so aware of it.  I saw what really matters: love… and all the loving people that are in my world. I know again what my heart desires. Thank You!! & see you again!” ,

Maria – Immersion, 2016



My intentions for the ceremony were to get rid of my high defences  which had been important for me as a child in my family of origin, but were obstructing me in my current life. I also hoped to gain access to my heart which seemed to have been locked in very early childhood. Miraculously Mother Aya, supported by Brother, Gita and Guido has done exactly this for me, giving me access to joy and love maybe for the first time in my life.  

Having returned home to my wife and children I feel that my relationships have changed radically with me feeling lighter, more open and able to express love. I am more grateful, than I have ever been in my life, about what has been given to me. At the same time a strange sadness has overcome me, now having seen, that all that is and has been important to me and that I have newly learned to love may just be an illusion. Beware: Once the veil has been pulled, there is no turning back to the path of ignorance!”

Zeno – Immersion, 2017



Immersion, 2017

avatar"I never thought I would ever do a 7 day cleanse.  My relationship with food and my body were healthy, so I didn't see the point.  It wasn't until I had major surgery to remove an ovarian cyst that changed my mind.  Once I learned that up to 80% of our body's energy is used to digest food, and if digestion is taken away our bodies can naturally heal themselves - I was ready.  I wanted to give my body every opportunity to heal from surgery.  Prior to the cleanse, I had a lot of pain from everyday movements.  I walked slowly and very cautiously. During the cleanse, I felt sick for the first 3 days, as my body was detoxing the drugs given to me for surgery.  It wasn't easy, but I knew that the temporary uncomfortableness would reap huge rewards.  After 7 days of no solid food, I could walk and move with the ease I had pre-surgery.  My body was back!  I believe that I healed in 7 days what it would have taken a minimum of two months to heal.  Since then, I have continued to cleanse when I feel guided to do so.  I have made cleansing a part of my spiritual practice, as it helps me to connect deeper to all parts of me.  I feel re-newed and purified after each cleanse.  I recommend it for anyone feeling the call - it absolutely changed my life."

Denise C. - USA
avatar"This was a deep, life altering week for me. Coming from years of bulimia, I was always wondering if I would find that respect and love for food and as well as for me and my body (my temple) again. I was also wondering if I could complete a fast knowing how much I use food to to fill deep voids in my life.  With Brother's Informative supportive workshops on high vibrational foods, crushing old belief systems, loving your dark side (Shadow Work), yoga, (heart hugs:) combined with Ale's knowledge of raw love infused juices and soups; blessing us as well with two Mother Ayahuasca ceremonies, this week has truly helped me regain love for myself,my body, and a deeper connection with mother earth. Also a new belief of high vibrational foods and the most beautiful of all; my group mates and leaders that I now hold dear as my lovely brothers and sisters"

Joscelyn H. - Canada
avatar"Patrick is a beautiful being with a loving heart. He created such a supportive environment and gave me so many skills to take home with me. The retreat completely exceeded my  expectations and the location was beyond beautiful. By the last day all my senses were awakened. I am feeling happy, whole, light, healthy and so grateful. I highly recommend the Conscious Cleanse  retreat to everyone."

Kristy T. - Australia
avatar"This retreat exceeded my expectations by far! My perception completely shifted regarding food and our need to eat so much. Bogus!!! My mind missed the food, but my body became more alive.  Thanks Patrick for showing us it's possible."

John F. - Ireland
avatar"I came to the retreat not quite knowing what I was getting into.  Saying that, I came away from the week with a much more open mind and a wonderfully open heart. Brother facilitated the week very smoothly and with great passion. This experience completely exceeded any expectations I highly recommend making this journey with all my heart as it will change your life as it did mine. Thank you so much Brother!"

John F. - Ireland