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avatar"This was a deep, life altering week for me. Coming from years of bulimia, I was always wondering if I would find that respect and love for food and as well as for me and my body (my temple) again. I was also wondering if I could complete a fast knowing how much I use food to to fill deep voids in my life.  With Brother's Informative supportive workshops on high vibrational foods, crushing old belief systems, loving your dark side (Shadow Work), yoga, (heart hugs:) combined with Ale's knowledge of raw love infused juices and soups; blessing us as well with two Mother Ayahuasca ceremonies, this week has truly helped me regain love for myself,my body, and a deeper connection with mother earth. Also a new belief of high vibrational foods and the most beautiful of all; my group mates and leaders that I now hold dear as my lovely brothers and sisters"

Joscelyn H. - Canada
avatar"Patrick is a beautiful being with a loving heart. He created such a supportive environment and gave me so many skills to take home with me. The retreat completely exceeded my  expectations and the location was beyond beautiful. By the last day all my senses were awakened. I am feeling happy, whole, light, healthy and so grateful. I highly recommend the Conscious Cleanse  retreat to everyone."

Kristy T. - Australia
avatar"This retreat exceeded my expectations by far! My perception completely shifted regarding food and our need to eat so much. Bogus!!! My mind missed the food, but my body became more alive.  Thanks Patrick for showing us it's possible."

John F. - Ireland
avatar"I came to the retreat not quite knowing what I was getting into.  Saying that, I came away from the week with a much more open mind and a wonderfully open heart. Brother facilitated the week very smoothly and with great passion. This experience completely exceeded any expectations I highly recommend making this journey with all my heart as it will change your life as it did mine. Thank you so much Brother!"

John F. - Ireland
avatar"In reflection a month later; the retreat had such a profound effect on me.  The ritual of fasting, the love infused juices and broths, the meditations, yoga and plant medicines were perfect.  During this week, I learned to “just be” accept the good, the bad and ugly that comes up & it will. When you allow all of this, it all becomes light. All of this was done in very loving & accepting place. The effects are still here a month later and I expect for years to come. I recommend this for anyone wanting that extra push to take it to the next level in being mindful, present & learn to be more loving to YOU. This is best gift you could give yourself."

Janice B. - Canada